Saturday, March 30, 2019

Flutter - Custom red error widget screen.

When you started work on Flutter application screen design. You definitely face a red screen that shows UI error. It is most irritating and makes us unhappy when you are a beginner.

In Flutter, it’s important to understand how your user experiences these bugs and where those bugs occur. How we can find the bugs with the highest impact and work to fix them. Sometimes, it's necessary to show a meaningful message to make it more sensible for the tester and developer. Flutter framework provides us customization feature to handle these error widget. According to the docs, Flutter shows red screen error whenever a widget fails to build. There is a performRebuild() method inside of StatefulWidget.dart class that invoke to build the widget.
@override void performRebuild() { //..// try { built = build(); debugWidgetBuilderValue(widget, built); } catch (e, stack) { built = ErrorWidget.builder(_debugReportException('building $this', e, stack)); } //..// }
As we can see, the red screen error is nothing but a widget named ErrorWidget provided by the framework. The ErrorWidget will be invoked only when a widget building fails. When widget building fails, Error Widget replaces with your widget. That’s why it's visible only in the area occupied by the widget that has failed to build.


Sunday, March 24, 2019

Flutter - Localization or Multi Language support with Examples.

If you have created a mobile application and you want to increase users of the mobile application. So, we need to support multiple languages in our application. In mobile, with the help of localization, you can change the language of application labels and we can render the content of the app into other languages. We can customize the app for each target market and user.

We can display dates, times, and numbers in particular user readable formats. Android and iOS is the most popular mobile operating system and it runs on millions of devices in many regions. So, if we implement an app which is localized for all the regions, then it will reach most of the users. 


Friday, March 15, 2019

Android - SMS & Call Log permissions are removed.

Sms and call logs are one of the most sensitive information in the smartphone. They hold lots of information like your phone number, conversation history, and the personal information of other people in your phone. 

Google is day by day updating their policy to protect them. Google's Play Store policy has changed for SMS and call. Google has denied the request permission for SMS and call log. Google removing all the apps that require SMS and Call Logs permissions from the Play Store.  

Google published new guidelines regarding SMS and Call Permissions. According to their new policies, only an app that has been selected as a user’s default app for making calls or text messages will be able to access call logs and SMS, respectively. To read more about their announcement, please see the following link: Security and performance 

Android app developers who have such apps on the Play Store have been notified through e-mail and their apps will be removed unless they have submitted a permissions declaration form. Google has stated that only those apps that require access to call logs and SMS for their functionality will stay put on the Play Store, while all others requiring these permissions will be removed.
Now you should be removing it from the AndroidManifest file and should update the app in play store.


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