Sunday, March 29, 2020

Flutter - Permission handler example

Our mobile contains lots of sensitive data of the users like files, financial data, contacts and other things that users can store. The mobile operating system has a privileged to keep them secure because all applications are separated from another through a distinct id. Each application work in its own process thus is isolated from all other applications. As a result, an application can’t access any file or data outside its scope until and unless the file or data is shared with the applications.

flutter permission hanlder example code snippet.
If an application needs anything outside its scope, then it has to request permission to the user or application. The Mobile operating system comes with a set of predefined permissions (System permissions) for certain tasks.  All mobile applications can request the required permissions to access a particular service of OS. For example, an application can declare required permissions like network, contact, and GPS.


Sunday, March 22, 2020

Flutter - Example of gradient widgets and animaion.

User-friendly interface and good color combination of the app components make a large user base for any application. The gradient is a combination of two or more colors and tints of the same color that creates great user interfaces for application. You can use gradients to create color blends, add volume to vector objects, add a light and shadow effect to the app components.

flutter gradient examples widgets


Monday, March 9, 2020

Flutter - Web app setup with VS Code and Android Studio IDE.

As we know, Flutter is a cross-platform app development toolkit that is created by Google. It has been winning the hearts of developers and businesses across Android and iOS apps. Many renowned companies like Alibaba & Tencent have adopted it to develop native mobile apps for their production apps. Now, Google has officially added web, desktop and Embedded platforms to the world of Flutter app development. So, you can use your existing Flutter knowledge to build other platform applications. You can learn more about the new added platforms support on the official website.

flutter web demo with android studio


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