Saturday, May 30, 2020

Flutter - Formatting TextField with TextInputFormatter

To take valid formatted data from the end-user is an essential task when your application saying to enter detail about credit cards, phone numbers, zip code, etc. This approach facilitates the developer to entering valid data in the application. It makes the process easier,  gives feedback, minimizes errors, and generally improves the user experience.

flutter qr and barcode demo
In Flutter, we can take valid formatted data with the help of TextInputFormatter widget that's provides us various different constraints. The inputFormatters property of TextFormField and TextField allows the developers to pass a list of TextInputFormatter widgets to define how that field will behave. A TextInputFormatter can be optionally inject into a TextFormField and TextField that works as a validator and correct the format of text when the text being edited. The TextInputFormatter translates the field's value into the text and the text into the field's value.

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