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If you are a writer and you want to write some post on any technology. You can write a guest post at Developer Libs. If you are good in any platform and can develop good tutorials on that topic, then you can publish it here. You can also send us some tips and updates related to the latest technology.

What We Are Looking For?
You can write tutorials related to any programming language, software or app development platform, like

  • Flutter
  • Android Development 
  • Ios and Mac
  • PHP / MySQL Development 
  • WordPress / Joomla etc Development 
  • Windows Phone Development 
  • Python / Django 
  • JavaScript, jQuery, jQuery Mobile 
  • Node JS / Angular JS 
  • Java / Java FX 
  • C / C++

Or any topic for which you can write a good tutorial. You can also submit about app development tips, latest development trends, etc.

What Are Not Allowed?
You can send us a post that will be useful for our readers i.e. programming students and developers. We will not publish anything if we think it is not useful to our readers. And also you need to send us unique and original content. Copy pasted content would simply be rejected.

Guidelines for Submitting a Post.

  • Your post should be written in a good format and explained.
  • You can send us require screenshots or images.
  • Your post must be unique and origenal content.
  • Please test demo before send us.
Yes, I have a Post to send what should I do?
You need to send us the post with the required screenshot and the whole source code in zip format. We will review your tutorial and if we found it good then we will publish it.

Send your tutorials at contact@developerlibs.com. You can send in .docx or .html format.

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